New Patient Registration

We are currently accepting new patients. If you would like to become a patient at Hama Medical Centre, call into the surgery and the receptionist will provide you with a registration form together with a health questionnaire, a copy of the Practice Leaflet and specimen bottle. If you prefer, you can download a registration form and patient questionnaire from the above “Registering Online” tab, complete and sign them and bring them into the surgery to register, but please note that further paperwork will need to be completed at the surgery.

Please also bring photographic ID and proof of address for the surgery to copy for your medical records.

You will be required to attend a new patient health check, and this will involve a dip test of urine. If you have downloaded your registration form, you will need to collect a sterile specimen bottle prior to your health check

Catchment Area

Guide to GP Services

The Royal College of General Practitioners has produced a useful guide for patients about the services on offer at GP Surgeries and how to access them.  You can download the guide below.

A Patient Guide to GP Services